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Puffs Announces New Companion Book on Eve of 750th Performance

Matt Cox’s ”Harry Potter” comedy is currently running at New World Stages.

Puffs is still running off-Broadway at New World Stages.
Puffs is still running off-Broadway at New World Stages.
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The hit off-Broadway comedy Puffs; or, Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic has announced — on the eve of its 750th performance at New World Stages tomorrow, Saturday 23 — that Del Rey Books will publish Puffs: The Essential Companion, the official behind-the-scenes companion to the show. The illustrated guide will include a full script of the play annotated by creator Matt Cox, and a wealth of material including interviews with cast and crew, production photos and designs, deleted and alternate scenes, and much more. The book, featuring extra material written by Jason Fry, will be published on November 5.

The play is described as follows: "Some people are born with the capacity to do great things. Some people change the world. Some people rise from humble beginnings to defeat the forces of darkness in the face of insurmountable odds. Puffs is the story of the people who sit in class next to those people. Meet Wayne, a very average boy from New Mexico, who finds out he is a wizard…also, wizards are real. Join him and his new friends as they try to keep their heads down and get a basic wizarding education while a certain other famous boy with a very peculiarly shaped scar on his forehead sets out to make life at school increasingly…eventful."

Kristin McCarthy Parker directs the cast of Lacy Allen, Michael Axelrod, Madeleine Bundy, Broderick Clavery, Anna Dart, Kullan Edberg, Alex Haynes, Criena House, Reginald Keith Jackson, Jake Keefe, Sonia Mena, Andy Miller, Zac Moon, Michael Ortiz, Sarah Peele, Keith Rubin, Stephen Stout, Leanne Velednitsky, and Harry Waller. Puffs has production and costume design by Madeleine Bundy, lighting design by Herrick Goldman, sound design by Matt Cox, and original music by Brian Hoes.

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