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Our Favorite Audience Reactions in Broadway-Show Commercials

You won’t ever, ever, ever see commercials like these in your life.

Before Twitter and message-board users started spreading completely uncensored, unbiased opinions of Broadway shows, television was the place where you could see completely uncensored, unbiased opinions of Broadway shows, provided by audience members who may or may not have been compensated for their tickets. The results ranged from the cringe-worthy to the genuinely sincere to the completely bored.

Check out our favorite audience reactions here, and if you’re the guy who bought the mug at Man of La Mancha, we want to know what you use it for now.

This woman loved Cyd Charisse in Grand Hotel so much that she wanted to see it not one more, not three more, but two more times.

Fun Fact: If you saw Cats nine times, you could have your face painted like a cat. (OK, maybe not.)

The Color Purple: When a man just don’t give a damn, call Gloria Steinem. Hell, yeah.

There was so much magic in Mary Poppins that even jaded New Yorkers wondered how they did that.

You had such a great time at Man of La Mancha that you bought the mug.