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Abrons Arts Center Announces Upcoming Season

The theater at the Henry Street Settlement previews its lineup.

A scene from Richard Maxwell's Good Samaritans.
A scene from Richard Maxwell's Good Samaritans.
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Target Margin Theater will present a new take on Eugene O'Neill's Mourning Becomes Electra as part of Abrons Arts Center's upcoming season.

The drama will run April 26-May 20 under the direction of David Herskovits, and will feature Satya Bhabha, Mary Neufeld, Stephanie Weeks, and Eunice Wong.

The theater season at Abrons will also include Richard Maxwell's Good Samaritans, starring Rosemary Allen and Kevin Hurley (February 8-March 4). Also on the list is Stefanie Abel Horowitz and Jerry Lieblich's Tiny Little Band: Your Hair Looked Great (February 9-25); Kippy Winston's Real Talk / Kip Talk (February 24 and April 15); and Christina Masciotti's Raw Bacon From Poland (June 1-17).

Also on the docket are the eighth annual American Realness festival (January 5-15); the American premiere of Jan Martens' Sweat Baby Sweat, a work which explores the lifetimes of two people in an hour (January 27-28); Minor Theater's The Terrifying, which brings horror movies to live theater (March 12-April 2); Dylan Crossman's Here We Are (June 15-17); International Contemporary Ensemble's Winter OpenICE Weekend (March 3-5); and a new work from artist Aynsley Vandenbroucke (March 30-April 1).

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