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Cheryl Ann Allen to Star in I'm a New Yorker at Don't Tell Mama

Alan Menken lends songs to the new Ian Finkel production.

Composer Alan Menken will contribute songs to Ian Finkel's I'm a New Yorker.
Composer Alan Menken will contribute songs to Ian Finkel's I'm a New Yorker.
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I'm a New Yorker, written and directed by Ian Finkel, will debut at Don't Tell Mama in a 6:30pm performance on September 14 starring Cheryl Ann Allen.

Based on a true story, I'm a New Yorker chronicles the comic and tragic tale of a small-town girl from Massachusetts who moves to New York City. Searching for the true meaning of what it is to be a New Yorker, she finds herself fascinated by the small things New York has to offer, such as the first-time bliss of being introduced to a bagel with cream cheese and lox. Ultimately she falls for and marries a charming, but certifiable, nut job. The production features songs by Ian Finkel, Alan Menken, Carlos Elita Almaran, and Shelton Brooks, with Joel Martin lending piano accompaniment.

Allen is best known for her critically acclaimed solo show Sophie Tucker in Person, which explores the life of the vaudeville star. Allen's voice has been heard on numerous recordings, most recently Fyvush Finkel's "Never Too Late." She has also been featured in such shows as Jacque Brell, Mame, and many other musical revues.

Ian Finkel, regarded as the world’s greatest xylophone virtuoso (and son of the late Fyvush Finkel), has written for such stars as Michael Feinstein, Sid Caesar, Ginger Rogers, Tito Puente, Larry Gatlin, Martin Mull, and Madeline Kahn. He earned a Grammy Award for the album Songs From the Neighborhood and served as writer, director, and orchestrator for Sophie Tucker in Person.

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