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Joshua Sherman Productions' Charmers Packages Classic Broadway Song and Dance for the Internet Generation

The charming new series is directed by Joshua Sherman and Ryan VanDenBoom.

A scene from "Curiosity."

Charmers is a new Web series of short musical films presented by Joshua Sherman and directed by Sherman and Ryan VanDenBoom. Each video features original music, lyrics, and choreography in the style of classic movie musicals and Broadway.

The Web series features choreography by VanDenBoom, music by Gail C. Bluestone, and lyrics by Eileen Bluestone Sherman. Sam Willmott is the musical arranger, and Antonio Panetta is the cinematographer.

"I have always loved old movie musicals and classic Broadway," said Joshua Sherman in a statement. "These 'charmers' are the perfect way to meld that classic style with Web technology."

The first season of Charmers will feature four episodes, two of which, "Curiosity" and "A Little Imagination," are currently available online. To view them, click here.