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Geffen Playhouse's Presentation of The Power of Duff Starts Performances

Stephen Belber's makes its West Coast premiere in the Gil Cates Theater.

Josh Stamberg plays Charlie Duff in the Geffen Playhouse's production of The Power of Duff, which begins tonight.

The Power of Duff begins its run at Geffen Playhouse tonight. The play, which centers on TV anchor Charlie Duff, asks audiences to think about faith and what it means. Charlie Duff decides to begin signing-off his broadcasts with a prayer. Over time, he garners a crowd of followers who believe in the power of his prayers. However, what the prayers do and, more importantly, don't accomplish makes Charlie begin to question his own faith. Ultimately, the characters must consider if there is any faith more important than their faith in each other.

Directed by Peter DuBois and written by Stephen Belber, the show features Tanner Buchanan as Ricky, Brendan Griffin as John Ebbs, Eric Ladin as Scott Zoellner, Joe Paulik as Ron Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Sue Raspell, Josh Stamberg as Charlie Duff, and Maurice Williams as Casey.

"I've simply tried to ask questions that most humans ask at one point or another: how can I feel more connected; what's the best way to be human; faith in what?" says playwright Stephen Belber. "It struck me as interesting to write a play about a person who is fundamentally ambivalent about religion, even about spirituality — who undergoes an emotional transformation, which in turn leads him to a position of being a suddenly looked-to spiritual 'leader' — even as his ambivalence continues. I like the question of what one should or can do when put in that position, and how one might act when faced with an almost undeniable spiritual reality taking place all around — and maybe even inside — him."

The creative team includes Rui Rita (lighting design), Clint Ramos (set design), Bobby Frederick Tilley II (costume design), MuTTT Dogg (sound design), Aaron Rhyne (projection design), and Kyra Hansen (stage manager).

Performances will run through May 17.

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