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New Interactive Show, I'm So Hot, Promises 18th-Century French Comedy in a Dating App

Want to experience Pierre de Marivaux's La Dispute? There's an app for that.

Can one find love in an app? What about comedy?
(© Santeri Viinamäki)

The Tank, in co-production with New Light Theater Project and Pocket Universe, has announced the launch of I'm So Hot, an interactive, narrative storytelling app based on Pierre de Marivaux's La Dispute. Catherine Weingarten adapted the play, which is directed by William Steinberger. The app will be available for download beginning Monday, August 23, in the Apple and Google Play stores.

A press statement describes the app this way: "When everyone's insaneeely hot, who cheats first in a relationship? In this interactive girly app-daptation of Marivaux's La Dispute, a Prince captures hotties (like you) through a dating app to see who cheats first!! It's like olden day French reality TV – where you can snap selfies and slide into DMs, too."

Will Sarratt, who appeared in New Light Theater Project's 2017 production of Noah Mease's Omega Kids, will also appear in I'm So Hot.
(© Hunter Canning)

The cast of I'm So Hot includes Schuyler Van Amson, Hunter Canning, Tabatha Gayle, Alyssa May Gold, Ricki Lynée, and Will Sarratt.

The app is produced and edited by Steinberger and features text by Weingarten, UX design and engineering by Vivian Belosky, sound design by Carsen Joenk, and costume design by Daricel Calcano.

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