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Friends Parody (The One With The Puppets) to Debut in New York City

The show is presented by Rockefeller Productions, the puppet studio behind Disney's Winnie the Pooh off-Broadway.

Two puppets from Friends Parody (The One with the Puppets).
(© Rockefeller Productions)

Rockefeller Productions has announced the forthcoming world premiere of Friends Parody (The One with the Puppets), written by Doug Kmiotek and directed by Michael Hull. The show will begin performances at Theatre Row on November 5.

A send-up of the wildly popular sitcom, Friends Parody (The One with the Puppets) takes audiences back to New York City in the 90s, where Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe all share an apartment — and they're puppets.

The show is another addition to the burgeoning felt empire of Jonathan Rockefeller, the producer behind That Golden Girls Show! — A Puppet Parody, as well as the currently running Winnie the Pooh: The New Musical Adaptation.

The cast features Zachary W. Desmond as Chandler, Luke Dombroski as Joey, Liz Neitge as Monica, Vicki Oceguera as Phoebe, Sebastiano Ricci as Ross, Erin Ulman as Rachel, and Kaitlyn Lunardi.

The creative team includes Peter Brown (Lead Puppet Builder), Robert Croghan (Puppet Costumes), Cedwan Hooks (Puppet Maquettes), Matthew Herman & David Goldstein (Scenic Design), Jamie Roderick (Lighting Design), and Mason Huse (Stage Manager).

Friends Parody (The One with the Puppets) is the second stage parody of Friends this season, following the musical parody by Bob and Tobly McSmith, which is not the one with puppets. It is presently on tour.