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Zeitgeist Stage Company Ready to Serve Up The Big Meal

Performances of Dan LeFranc’s play begin tonight at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Playwright Dan LeFranc's play The Big Meal begins tonight at Boston Center for the Arts.
Dan LeFranc is the author of The Big Meal, which begins tonight at Boston Center for the Arts.

The Big Meal begins its run tonight at the Zeitgeist Stage Company. Spanning five generations of a single family, the show utilizes eight actors to play 26 characters in various stages of life. The restaurant in which the play is set sees the lives of this family go by from birth to death. Comic and dramatic, the play attempts to view all aspects of life for this quintessential American family.

Directed by David J. Miller and written by Dan LeFranc, the play features Peter Brown, Shelly Brown, Joshua W. Clary, Becca A. Lewis, Arianna Reith, Ashley Risteen, Johnny Quinones, Devon Scalisi, and Alec Shiman.

The creative team includes David Miller (scenic design), Elizabeth Cole Sheehan (costume design), Michael Clark Wonson (lighting design), J. Jumbelic (sound design), and Kayla Morello (stage manager).

Performances will run through March 7.

For tickets and more information, click here.

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