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Theatre on Fire to Present Vincent River in Boston Area Homes

Theatre on Fire is set to present performances of Philip Ridley’s Vincent River in Boston area homes, beginning April 5, as part of the group’s “Home Invasion” program. Artistic director Darren Evans will direct.

Vincent River is a play about grief, guilt, and self-deception. Anita’s son Vincent was murdered in a known gay hook-up spot, forcing her to confront the reality of his sexual orientation.

Theatre on Fire’s “Home Invasion” program performs plays in people’s homes using the on-site furniture and lighting, rather than in a traditional theater space. Some performances will be open to the public, while some will be private, depending on the location of the home and the preference of the host.

The cast of Vincent River will feature Kelly Rauch and Andres Rey Solorazano.

For more information and tickets to a performance of Vincent River, click here.

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