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Steppenwolf Announces Casts for The Rembrandt and The Crucible

An extension has also been announced for ”The Rembrandt”.

The Crucible's Abigail Williams, Naima Hebrail Kidjo.
The Crucible's Abigail Williams, Naima Hebrail Kidjo.
(photo provided by the production)

Steppenwolf Theatre Company announced complete casting for the first two shows of its 2017/18 season: The Rembrandt by Jessica Dickey, directed by Hallie Gordon; and Steppenwolf for Young Adults’ production of The Crucible by Arthur Miller, directed by Jonathan Berry. In addition, The Rembrandt will extend its run for two weeks, now closing on November 5.

The Chicago premiere of The Rembrandt (September 7-November 5) will feature ensemble members Francis Guinan as Henry/Rembrandt, and John Mahoney as Simon/Homer, with Ty Olwin (Dodger/Titus), Karen Rodriguez (Madeline/Henny), and Gabriel Ruiz (Jonny/Martin). The play is described as follows: "When a museum guard decides to touch a famous Rembrandt painting, a remarkable journey across the ages ensues."

Arthur Miller's The Crucible (October 7 – 21), which follows a group of people of Salem who are whipped into a bloodthirsty frenzy by a series of escalating misinterpretations, will feature Echaka Agba (Tituba/Judge Hathorne), Larry Baldacci (Giles Corey/Sarah Good), Taylor Blim (Mary Warren), Naima Hebrail Kidjo (Abigail Williams), Erik Hellman (Reverend Hale), Millie Hurley (Francis Nurse/Rebecca Nurse), Travis Knight (John Proctor), Peter Moore (Reverend Parris), Avi Roque (Ezekiel Cheever/Mercy Lewis), Stephanie Shum (Ann Putnam/Susanna Walcott/Martha Corey), Michael Patrick Thornton (Deputy Danforth), Kristina Valada-Viars (Elizabeth Proctor/Betty Parris), and Philip Winston (Thomas Putnam/John Willard).

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