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Reeve Carney, Amy Spanger, and More to Debut Songs From New Musical Oswald

The special concert will be held on Monday, August 19.

Reeve Carney will be featured in the concert of Oswald.
Reeve Carney will be featured in the concert of Oswald.
(© Seth Walters)

Tony LePage and Josh Sassanella have announced that they will debut songs from their new musical, Oswald, as a concert at the Green Room 42 on Monday, August 19.

The event will feature Reeve Carney and Amy Spanger, joined by Justin Matthew Sargent, Joe Carroll, Nasia Thomas, Alex Finke, De'Lon Grant, Donnie Kehr, Justin Mortelliti, Blaine Krauss, and Joey Calveri, with more talent to be announced in the future. The production, which debuted in Dallas, is directed by Randi Kleiner, and features music direction from Jane Cardona.

Oswald is described as follows: "November 22, 1963 is one of the most infamous days in history. As President Kennedy's motorcade heads down the streets of Dallas, Texas, a shot rings out. Days later his accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, is led through the basement of the Dallas Police headquarters only to meet his doom. The nation mourns for the loss of a great leader, and for a truth that can never be spoken. Told through the eyes of his now elderly widowed wife, Oswald explores two possible versions of the accused assassin's journey simultaneously. On one side of our story we follow a troubled youth caught up in an impossible situation, which ultimately leads to the conspiracy theories many believe to this day. On the other, we watch a cold-blooded killer driven mad by his unrelenting need to be remembered."

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