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Flashback Friday: Kristin Chenoweth Traumatizes a Puppy at the 2007 Drama Desk Awards

Watch Kristin Chenoweth perform a duet from “Legally Blind” with her seeing-eye Chihuahua, Taco.

With the Drama Desk Awards approaching this Sunday, we’ve decided to flash back six years to one of our favorite Drama Desk moments.

In a season that’s literally been raining cats and dogs, it’s only fitting to single out Kristin Chenoweth’s loving tribute to Legally Blonde The Musical during the 2007 Drama Desk Awards ceremony. Chenoweth stumbles onstage with sunglasses and a “Bruiser” look-alike named Taco to sing a couple of window-shattering Oh-my-Gods. Taco squeals right along with her, but it’s unclear whether he’s attempting to sing or if he is actually screaming for help.

Either way, there’s nothing quite like a performing animal alongside an adored comic theater actress to get a show going.

Be sure to watch the Drama Desk Awards this Sunday, May 19 via Livestream at!

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