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Fancy Nancy: The Musical Waltzes Onto Walnut Street Theatre for Kids

The new musical begins performances tonight.

Fancy Nancy: The Musical begins tonight at Walnut Street Theatre.
Fancy Nancy: The Musical begins tonight at Walnut Street Theatre.
(courtesy of the production)

Fancy Nancy begins performances tonight at the Walnut Street Theatre. Based on the book series by Jane O’Connor, the musical presents the story of Nancy, who loves everything fancy, and her friends Bree, Rhonda, Wanda, and Lionel. As the friends get ready for their first school recital, Nancy is disappointed, because although she yearns to be a mermaid, she is instead cast as dreary tree. However, with help from her grown-up friends and song and dance, Nancy comes to realize that being fancy comes in all forms as long as you have the imagination for it.

The production is directed and choreographed by Ellie Mooney, and it features Alex Eltzroth as Rhonda, Quinn Lashinsky as Lionel, Brianna Pope-McBride as Bree, Alanna Smith as Nancy, and Jamie Beth Weist as Wanda and Mom.

"It’s easy to love a little girl like Nancy," says director and choreographer Ellie Mooney. "From her tiara to her sparkly shoes, everything about her is Fancy. Bringing her to life from the page to the stage in this playful and colorful world has been such fun. Kids will love her imagination and adults will be reminded of how great it was to play a game of dress-up."

The creative team includes J. Dominic Chacon (light design), Jenn Callaghan (set design), Sara Lindsey and Kayla Speedy (costume design), Ryan Peavey (sound design), and Mark Yurkanin (music and vocal director).

Performances will run through April 18.

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