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Do You Know the "Answers" to Last Night's Broadway Category on Jeopardy?

Jeopardy’s Greatest of All Time tested their Broadway knowledge in the championship game.

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The Broadway category is no stranger to the Jeopardy board, so it was no surprise to see it on last night's "Greatest of All Time" game. Last night, contestant James Holtzhauer got four "answers" correct, Brad Rutter answered one correctly, while Ken Jennings missed the $600 question, turning it over to James. The category was a relief for us theater maniacs who struggled with "Math to Roman Numerals to Initials to Names." Here are the clues. Can you guess the answers, in the form of a question?

For $200
1. For $200
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For $400
2. For $400
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For $600
3. For $600
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For $800
4. For $800
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For $1000
5. For $1000
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1. Who is Tina Turner? 2. What is Jagged Little Pill? 3. Who is Hermes? 4. Who is E.M. Forster? 5. What is Moulin Rouge!?

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