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2012 East to Edinburgh Festival at 59E59 Theaters Line-Up Announced

59E59 Theaters has announced the line up for its 2012 East to Edinburgh Festival, running July 10-29.

This year’s festival will include Michael Pope’s Michael Pope is Gay for Pay directed by BriAnna Olson (July 10, 11, 14); DeeDee Stewart’s Dirty Barbie and Other Girlhood Tales (July 10-12, 14); Robin Rice Lichtig’s Listen! The River starring Wendy Peace, directed by Prav MJ (July 12-13, 15); Monica Bauer’s Made for Each Other starring John Fico, directed by John D. FitzGibbon (July 13, 15, 18, 27); Isaac Rathbone’s Captain Ferguson’s School for Balloon Warfare starring David Nelson, directed by Philip Emeott (July 14, 20); I Heart Hamas: And Other Things I’m Afraid to Tell You, written by and starring Jennifer Jajeh, directed by W. Kamau Bell (July 14-15); Alexa Kelly’s A Man for All Times: W.E.B. Du Bois starring Brian Richardson (July 17, 22, 25); Clooney, Cowell, Pitt and Me: Amusing Encounters with the A-List, written by and starring Sandro Monetti, directed by Craig Jessen (July 17-18, 21).

The series continues with Sarah Ruhl’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone directed by Dawn Fuller-Medhurst (July 19-21); Dirty Paki Lingere written by and starring Aizzah Fatima, directed by Erica Gould (July 19-21); MOD, written and directed by Paul Andrew Perez, with music and lyrics by George Griggs (July 21-22, 26-29); Eat $H*T, How Our Waste Can Save the World by Shawn Safner, directed by Rhea Lehman (July 22, 24); Anthony Johnson’s Tenderpits, co-created and directed by Nathan Schwartz (July 24-26); Death Boogie by Darian Dauchan, directed by Jennifer McGrath (July 28); Adam Strauss’ Varieties of Religious Experience (July 28, 29); and 3 by Poe, featuring stories by Edgar Allan Poe, directed by and starring Richard Smithies (July 28, 29).

Created as a method to help shows get on their feet before heading to Scotland, the productions in New York will simulate the same constraints that all shows experience at the Festival while giving them space to fine-tune their work.

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