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Rinse, Repeat Announces One-Week Extension

The play will now run through August 24.

Michael Hayden plays Peter in Rinse Repeat.
Michael Hayden plays Peter in Rinse Repeat.
(© David Gordon)

The Pershing Signature Center has announced a one-week extension of Rinse, Repeat, a new play written by Domenica Feraud and directed by Kate Hopkins. The play's final performance will now take place on Saturday, August 24.

The play is described as follows: "Rachel hasn't been home in four months. After fighting for her life at Renley, a trial weekend has been agreed upon. At first, Rachel couldn't be happier to be reunited with her family. But what happens when the people you love most, the ones you believe want the best for you, are the ones causing the most damage without even knowing it? Where do you go when the place you feel you most belong might be the place that almost killed you in the first place? Rinse, Repeat sharply conveys the painful truth about a woman's fight for her life in the face of an eating disorder."

The cast of Rinse, Repeat features Feraud as Rachel, Michael Hayden as Peter, Florencia Lozano as Joan, Jake Ryan Lozano as Brody, and Portia as Brenda. The production also features set design by Brittany Vasta, costume design by Nicole Slaven, lighting design by Oona Curley, and sound design and original compositions by Ien DeNio.