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Wonderful Town Extends at Goodman Theatre

The Mary Zimmerman revival stars Lauren Molina and Bri Sudia.

Bri Sudia and the ensemble of Wonderful Town singing "Swing."
(© Liz Lauren)

Chicago's Goodman Theatre has added eight performances to its current production of Wonderful Town, now set to run through October 23, beyond its original October 16 closing date.

Featuring a company of over 40 actors and musicians, the Goodman production of Leonard Bernstein ‘s whimsical love letter to Manhattan marks the first major revival in more than 10 years. The musical is based on the hit Broadway play My Sister Eileen by Joseph A. Fields and Jerome Chodorov and the autobiographical short stories by Ruth McKenney. Fields and Chodorov later collaborated with lyricists Betty Comden and Adolph Green to create Wonderful Town, which features 20 Bernstein songs including "Ohio," "One Hundred Easy Ways," and "A Little Bit in Love."

Directed by Mary Zimmerman, the cast stars Lauren Molina (Rock of Ages) and Bri Sudia (Far From Heaven) as sisters Eileen and Ruth, along with Karl Hamilton (Robert Baker), Wade Elkins (Frank Lippencott), Steven Strafford (Chick Clar), Jordan Brown (Wreck), Amy J. Carle (Mrs. Wade), Matt DeCaro (Appopolous), Christina Hall (Violet), James Earl Jones II (Speedy Valenti), Sadieh Rifai (Helen), and George Andrew Wolff (Lonigan).

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