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Vineyard Theatre to Stream Final Performances of Dianne Wiest in Scene Partners

The new comedy, directed by Rachel Chavkin, will be broadcast worldwide during the last week of its run.

067 Eric Berryman, Kristen Sieh, Carmen M. Herlihy and Dianne Wiest in Scene Partners at Vineyard Theatre ©Carol Rosegg
Eric Berryman, Kristen Sieh, Carmen M. Herlihy, and Dianne Wiest in Scene Partners
(© Carol Rosegg)

Off-Broadway’s Vineyard Theatre will stream the final performances of John J. Caswell Jr.’s Scene Partners, directed by Rachel Chavkin and starring Oscar winner Dianne Wiest. The worldwide broadcasts will take place on December 15 at 7pm ET, December 16 at 2pm and 7:30pm ET, and December 17 at 2pm ET.

Wiest plays Meryl, a 75-year-old who ditches ice-cold Milwaukee for sunny Los Angeles, determined to become a movie star. Joining her in the cast are Eric Berryman as Dr. Noah Drake, Johanna Day as Charlize, Josh Hamilton as Hugo, Carmen M. Herlihy as Cassie, and Kristen Sieh as Pauline.

The creative team includes scenic designer Riccardo Hernándezcostume designer Brenda Abbandandolo, lighting designer Alan Edwards, sound designer Leah Gelpe, video and projection designer David Bengali, prop designer Andrew Diaz, and hair and wig designer Leah Loukas. Anne Troup is the video producer.

Streaming tickets are priced through the League of Live Stream Theater and start at $60 with a $9 service fee ($69). Tickets can be purchased here.

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