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The Hartman Group, Broadway PR Firm of Wicked, Rock of Ages, Will Cease Operations

The organization will close its doors in 2014.

Michael Hartman
Michael Hartman
(Photo via Facebook)

The Hartman Group, one of Broadway’s top public relations firms, will close its doors on January 5, 2014, founder and CEO Michael Hartman has announced. The organization currently represents Broadway hits including Wicked and Rock of Ages, as well as the upcoming productions of Rocky, If/Then, and Dames at Sea.

Hartman, who began his career in 1993, will relocate with his husband to Texas, where he will assume the position of CEO of the local chain restaurant Amy’s Ice Creams. His history with owner Amy Simmons dates back to his college years, when he became one of her first employees while pursuing his B.F.A. in theater at the University of Texas. After moving to New York, Hartman, with John Barlow, founded Barlow-Hartman Public Relations, a firm that became The Hartman Group in 2009.

There is no word yet on which of the remaining Broadway PR firms will pick up The Hartman Group’s roster of clients.