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The Diary of Anne Frank Begins at Boston Children’s Theatre

The Boston theater presents the show in honor of the 70th anniversary of Frank’s death.

Zehava Younger plays the title character in Boston Children's Theatre's presentation of The Diary of Anne Frank.
Zehava Younger plays the title character in Boston Children's Theatre's presentation of The Diary of Anne Frank.
(courtesy of the production)

The Diary of Anne Frank begins performances tonight at Boston Children's Theatre. Based on the real diary kept by Anne Frank and edited by Otto Frank, the story’s title character is a young Jewish girl living in Amsterdam during the German occupation in World War II. In order to hide from the Nazis, Otto Frank, his wife, and two daughters live in an attic above the Amsterdam warehouse where he worked. Under the constant threat of discovery by the Gestapo, Anne, only 13 years old, keeps a diary of her experiences. With the Franks are four others, the Van Daans, their son Peter, and a dentist named Mr. Dussel. The eight hideaways attempt to outlast the Nazis in the cramped attic space while conducting as normal a life as possible.

The story, adapted for the stage by France Goodrick and Albert Heckett, is directed by Burgess Clark. It features local students in its cast, including Alex Hanscom as Otto Frank, Isabelle Luongo as Margot Frank, Zehava Younger as Anne Frank, Joshua Mooiwer as Mr. Dussel, Kira Shannon as Edith Frank, Kyla Frieden as understudy for Mrs. Van Daan and Edith Frank, Kevin Paquette as Mr. Van Daan, Shayna Bredbeck as Mrs. Van Daan, Maya Fray-Witzer as understudy for Anne Frank and Margo Frank, Julia Perry as understudy for Miep Gies, Patrick Comer as Gestapo, Jake Orozco-Herman as Peter Van Daan, Elle Shaheen as Miep Gies, and Owen Sherrin as Mr. Kraler.

"Anne Frank’s story remains timeless, and it was one of my favorites as a child — largely due to its incredible personal insight into a tragic part of world history," says director Burgess Clark. "Anne’s unwavering faith in humanity is why I believe the story has been so popular for over 60 years and has come to define and transcend the holocaust. With this being the 70th anniversary of her senseless death, I feel it is our duty to introduce her compelling story to each new generation."

Performances will run through May 2.

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