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Exclusive: UK Experience Company Swamp Motel to Bring Interactive Plymouth Point to USA

The virtual piece is a mixture of theater and gaming.

Ollie Jones and Clem Garrity
Ollie Jones and Clem Garrity
(image courtesy of the production)

United Kingdom-based company Swamp Motel has brought their new virtual production Plymouth Point to the United States.

Plymouth Point is an online-based adventure that can accommodate a team of up to six players who are not physically together. Each participant joins on their own computer, with one person sharing their screen with the entire team. The game follows a Residents Watch committee as they attempt to unravel the mysterious disappearance of a young woman from their neighborhood before it's too late. Players will have to scour social media for clues, crack codes to break into secure websites, and discover secret passwords in order to solve the mystery in the allotted time.

The game is created by theater and experience makers Ollie Jones and Clem Garrity, who are the founders and creative directors of Swamp Motel. Online performances will take place at various times on Wednesday-Sunday evenings.

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