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PS Classics will release the new Broadway cast recording of Follies on November 29. The album will be a two disc set, which, according to producer and PS Classics co-founder Tommy Krasker, will be the most expansive Follies recording on disc, including not only the songs, but dance music, dialogue lead-ins, scenes and speeches.

The discs come with a lavish 52-page full-color booklet, including essay, synopsis, full lyrics, production photos, and a brief note by Krasker, in which he describes his vision for the album, noting, "When the opportunity arose this year to record a new production of Follies, I told Steve Sondheim that I wanted to do an expansive recording that not only conveyed the glories of the score, but captured the experience of the show itself. I mapped out a recording edition, and happily, Steve was enthusiastic, as were Eric Schaeffer, Warren Carlyle, Jim Moore and this dazzling cast."

Krasker recalls the first production of Follies he saw, back in the late '70s, "marveling at all the elements the cast album and piano-vocal score hadn't fully revealed: the party atmosphere with the onstage band, the spoken introductions of the aging Follies girls who'd return to entertain us with their old star turns, and most of all, the way the flashbacks turned the score on its ear, stripping away the lies and illusions the characters were struggling to hold onto in song. The way past and present intermingled until they ultimately collided." Krasker tells TheaterMania that those are the elements he hopes to capture in this new two-CD set.

In addition to talking about this unique and unprecedented approach to recording this show, Krasker has also generously given a full track of "Don't Look at Me" that will be available exclusively through TheaterMania magazine, which will launch on November 10.

Check it out here!

He's also given TM a first glimpse of the full track list for the Follies recording:

Follies Track List

1. Prologue
2. Overture
3. "Welcome to our first - and last - reunion..."
4. Beautiful Girls
5. "You came; you're really here..."
6. Don't Look at Me
7. "I never get to talk..."
8. Waiting for the Girls Upstairs
9. Rain on the Roof
10. Ah, Paris!
11. Broadway Baby
12. The Road You Didn't Take
13. "Bargains, Buddy..."
14. In Buddy's Eyes
15. "Let's dish. Tell me everything..."
16. Who's That Woman?

1. "I had a Follies number once..."
2. I'm Still Here
3. Too Many Mornings
4. The Right Girl
5. "Men are so sweet..."
6. One More Kiss
7. "According to statistics..."
8. Could I Leave You?
9. "You'll make a good wife, Phyl..."
10. Loveland
11. You're Gonna Love Tomorrow / Love Will See Us Through
12. The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues
13. Losing My Mind
14. The Story of Lucy and Jessie
15. Live, Laugh, Love
16. Chaos
17. End of Show

For more information and to pre-order the Follies CD, click here.

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