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Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Enjoy an Introspective (Possibly Tipsy?) Afternoon in Sheridan Square

Using our super-sleuthy skills, we've detected a double-header for Gogo and Didi. logo
Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen enjoy the fresh air in Sheridan Square.
(Photo via @SirPatStew)

So do you think Sir PatStew and Ian McKellen visited Stonewall Inn before or after having a tipple or two at McSorley's? I ask because when last we saw our jolly heroes in these particularly fashion-forward (cowboy-esque?) getups, they were double-fisting some brews of the dark and light varieties. Either way, they seem to be enjoying a meditative moment with the Gay Liberation sculptures in Sheridan Square. Let's hope they make this a pre-show ritual before they open on Broadway in Waiting for Godot and No Man's Land.