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I Agree to the Terms Brings Experience of Micro-Workers to Livestreamed Event

The interactive performance will peek inside the lives of the "MTurk" workers who shape our online experience.

I Agree to the Terms will livestream 12 performances from March 25-April 3.
(Image provided by the Builders Association)

NYU Skirball and the Builders Association have announced the debut of I Agree to the Terms, an interactive crossmedia event, livestreaming for 12 performances March 25-April 3. Directed by Marianne Weems, I Agree to the Terms is being created in collaboration with a community of "MTurks" (Amazon Mechanical Turks) who train the algorithms that shape our online experience.

I Agree to the Terms is a new crossmedia performance that considers the invisible labor of the human "micro-workers," or "MTurks," who shape artificial intelligence. The production explores the daily terms we agree to through our online engagement, and at what cost. The piece is developed by the Builders Association in collaboration with a community of MTurk workers, most of whom are Americans living in rural areas where jobs are scarce. MTurk workers earn from $1 to $100 a day in a vast, unregulated industry.

In this 45-minute encounter, Builders collaborators Moe Angelos and David Pence will be your guides as audience members enter the online Builders Marketplace and with the guidance of an MTurk will attempt to complete as many Human Intelligence Tasks as possible while being timed and rated as "workers" and ultimately paid (in virtual Builders Coin).

The creative team for I Agree to the Terms includes writer and dramaturg James Gibbs, sound designer composer Dan Dobson (Blue Man Group), video designer Austin Switser, second screen producer and system designer Lawrence Shea, interaction designer Giada Sun, associate director Nick Auer, stage manager Kristin Dwyer, and Builders producer Morgan Lindsey Tachco.