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EXCLUSIVE: Lin-Manuel Miranda Working on Musical of Tommy Wiseau's The Room

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tommy Wiseau's The Room: The Broadway Musical is on the road to Broadway.

(Seth Walters/Wiseau-Films)

Weeks ago, writer-filmmaker-actor Tommy Wiseau revealed that he had hopes to bring his cult-classic movie The Room to the Great White Way. Now, TheaterMania has exclusively learned that Wiseau has turned to none other than Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to make his dream come true.

We have obtained the extremely starry cast list, the key art, and an early version of the song list for Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tommy Wiseau's The Room: The Broadway Musical. As you'll see, it almost has as many songs as Hamilton, and is probably just as epic.

Mark Rylance: Johnny, an everyman
Justin Guarini: Mark, his best friend
Annaleigh Ashford: Lisa, Johnny's future wife
Andrew Keenan-Bolger: Denny, Johnny's friend, sort of like a son
Patti LuPone: Claudette, Lisa's mother
Billy Magnussen: Chris-R, a drug dealer
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Javier Muñoz: Peter/Steven, a psychologist
Andy Karl: Mike, a student
Orfeh: Michelle, Mike's girlfriend


Act 1
Overture - Orchestra
Scenes From San Francisco - Company
Just a Little Something - Johnny and Lisa
I Just Like to Watch: Two Is Great But Three Is a Crowd - Denny, Johnny, and Lisa
You're My Rose - Johnny
I Don't Love Him Anymore - Lisa and Claudette
The Candles, the Music, the Sexy Dress (Loverboy) - Mark and Lisa
You're My Favorite Customer - Florist
Half Canadian Bacon With Pineapple, Half Artichoke With Pesto and Light on the Cheese - Lisa
You're My Rose (Reprise) - Johnny
You're a Good Man (Don't Worry About Those F**kers) - Lisa and Johnny
I Definitely Have Breast Cancer - Claudette
What Are These Characters Doing Here - Claudette, Lisa, Mike, Michelle, Denny
The Ballad of Denny - Denny
Where's My F**king Money/Act 1 Finale - Chris-R, Denny, and company

Act 2
Down on Guerrero Street - Company
Oh Hai, Mark - Johnny
Gotta Tell You About Something/The World Would Be a Better Place to Live - Denny and Johnny
You're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa - Johnny
Football on the Roof - Men
Whatever Happened to My Cancer - Claudette
Peter's Song/Steven's Song - Peter/Steven
Love Is Blind/The Out-of-State Bank Song - Men
Cheep, Cheep, Cheep (The Chicken Song) - Men
Anyway, How Is Your Sex Life? - Johnny
The Candles, the Music, the Sexy Dress (Reprise) - Johnny
We're Expecting/There Is No Baby - Johnny, Lisa, and Company
I'm Fed Up With This World - Johnny
Why, Johnny? Why? Johnny, Why? Why? - Denny