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Flashback Friday: 5 Years of "Laura Benanti Explains"

Take a look back at how it all started.

It's become our favorite part of awards season: Laura Benanti steps into our studio to give her comedic take on the year in Broadway. Superfans of Laura know that this actually started with a series called "Laura Benanti Explains Shakespeare." So to celebrate our fifth year with the queen of comedy, we'd like to share the entire history of the "Explains" series, starting from the beginning. Enjoy!


Romeo and Juliet

Richard III

Twelfth Night

2013-14 Plays

2013-14 Musicals

2014-15 Plays

2014-15 Musicals

2015-16 Plays

2015-16 Musicals

2016-2017 plays

2016-17 Musicals

2017-18 Plays

2017-18 Musicals


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