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5 Easy Broadway-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Here's how to look like you had your costume fashioned by a Broadway designer — on the cheap!

Halloween is a highlight of the calendar for any true Theatermaniac — but what to wear? Not everyone enjoys a Phantom-sized costume budget, and if you're just showing up in costume for your company's Zoom Halloween party, what's the point? Instead of skipping Halloween altogether, you might consider one of these five Broadway-inspired costumes, which can easily be thrown together from a trip to you closet or local Target:

Chris Giarmo, David Byrne, and Tendayi Kuumba appear in David Byrne's American Utopia at Broadway's St. James Theatre.
(© Matthew Murphy)

1. David Byrne from American Utopia

Simple and easy to replicate, David Byrne's gray suit from American Utopia will instantly transform you into Broadway's favorite rock star. You get bonus points for donning a body mic or going as another member of the band.

Emily Davis plays Reality Winner in Is This A Room at Broadway's Lyceum Theatre.
(© Chad Batka)

2. Reality Winner from Is This A Room

Costume designer Enver Chakartash perfectly re-created the outfit that Reality Winner was wearing the day she was picked up by the FBI, right down to her yellow Converse shoes. Put on some denim shorts (easily cut up from a pair of jeans) and a button-down shirt with rolled sleeves, and you've got yourself a Winner.

Ato Blankson-Wood, Chalia La Tour, Joaquina Kalukango, Irene Sofia Lucio, Sullivan Jones, Annie McNamara, Paul Alexander Nolan, and James Cusati-Moyer appeared in the Broadway run of Slave Play.
(© Matthew Murphy)

3. Anyone from Act 2 of Slave Play

While the first act of Jeremy O. Harris's controversial play about race and sex is ostensibly set on an antebellum plantation, complete with britches and hoop skirts, the second act takes place in a group therapy session full of neurotic modern-day Americans — that's you already! So throw on some clean active wear, or maybe an extra-comfy sweater, and tell people you're from the second part of Slave Play.

Jordan Fisher, Ivan Hernandez, Christiane Noll, and Gabrielle Carrubba appear in Dear Evan Hansen at Broadway's Music Box Theatre.
(© Matthew Murphy)

4. The Murphys from Dear Evan Hansen

The obvious Dear Evan Hansen costume is the title character, with his forearm cast and Peanuts polo shirt. But has anyone considered the Murphys? The upper-middle-class clan that takes a shine to Evan Hansen offers several options for anyone with a little L.L. Bean or Ann Taylor Loft lying around. Put on a dark hoodie and a side bag, and you can even go as Connor. This costume idea is fun for the whole family!

The ensemble from Jagged Little Pill at Broadway's Broadhurst Theatre.
(© Matthew Murphy)

5. Ensemble from Jagged Little Pill

Bust out that oversize flannel shirt you haven't worn since 1997, tie it around your waist, and go as any one of the strangely retro Nutmeggers populating the ensemble of Jagged Little Pill. If anyone asks, just look them in the eye and sing, " oughta know!"