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The Briefly Dead to Have World Premiere at 59E59 Theaters

Stephen Kaliski pens a modern reinterpretation of Greek theater.

Jenna Zafiropoulos as Alcestis in a scene from The Briefly Dead.
(© Mia Isabella Aguirre)

59E59 Theaters will present the world premiere of The Briefly Dead, written by Stephen Kaliski and directed by Elizabeth Ostler. Produced by Adjusted Realists, performances will run November 16-December 10, with an official November 21 opening.

The Briefly Dead, offering a quirky mix of shadow puppets and live actors, is described as follows: "Good news: you actually can bring the love of your life back from the dead! Bad news: breakfast the next morning is really awkward. When it comes to the unexpected resurrection of his beloved wife Alcestis, King Admetos learns the hard way that the aftermath of a miracle ain't as peachy as we might assume. A Doll's House, Part 2 for the Ancient Greek theater, The Briefly Dead reinvents a classic play with a sharply contemporary celebration of its powerful heroine returning home to settle the score."

The cast features Mia Isabella Aguirre, Sofiya Cheyenne, Kristin Fulton, Paul Hinkes, Ben Kaufman, Katie Proulx, Sarah Wadsley, and Jenna Zafiropoulos.

The design team includes Kyu Shin (set design), Jessica Greenberg (lighting and sound design), and Peri Grabin Leong (costume design). The original music is composed by Steve Smith, with choreography by Katie Proulx.

For tickets and more information, click here.