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Kate Berlant’s One-Woman Show ”Kate”, Directed by Bo Burnham, Sets Off-Broadway Run

Kate Berlant will bring her one-woman show Kate to the Connelly Theater.
Kate Berlant will bring her one-woman show Kate to the Connelly Theater.
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Comedian Kate Berlant will return to the New York stage with a limited eight-week engagement of her one-woman comedy Kate, directed by Bo Burnham. Performances will begin at the Connelly Theater on August 20 ahead of a September 7 opening, and will run through October 8.

Kate will “explore the events of her life that have brought her to this moment. Embodying many characters in this tour de force performance, she expertly morphs before our eyes and exposes a truth she has, until now, kept hidden.”

Berlant offered the following statement about the show: “All my previous work has been a pale shadow, a humiliation, an impotent suggestion always gesturing toward, yet never quite arriving … until now. I can’t wait to welcome you into my home, which is the theater. Although I haven’t been home in a long time, it feels good to be back and I’m so grateful they kept the lights on for me. Although it is forbidden to take your shoes off in my home, I hope you will still allow yourself to shed a layer—to become vulnerable and receptive to the possibility of transformation.”

Berlant has had notable appearances in films such as Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You, and the upcoming Warner Bros film Don’t Worry Darling, directed by Olivia Wilde. She has appeared in television series including Search Party, Transparent, and I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson, and will next be seen in A League of Their Own on Amazon Prime.

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