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That Chemistry Show to Make New York Debut

The production joins a lineup with ”That Physics Show”.

David Maiullo in That Physics Show, coming to the Elektra Theatre this February.
David Maiullo in That Physics Show at the Elektra Theater.
(© Donnell Culver)

Borislaw Bilash's That Chemistry Show, will make its off-Broadway debut beginning July 22. The production joins That Physics Show, now in its second year, at the Physics Theater.

That Chemistry Show is described as follows: "A candle that moves water, a paper cup that won't burn, a firefly without fire. An atomic flash, weaponized sugar, a hydrogen bomb. Genie in a bottle, secret writing, elephant toothpaste…Yes! All these and more make up That Chemistry Show, 80 minutes of incredible exploration led by long-time 'mad scientist' Borislaw Bilash. Get ready for amazement and lots of laughter as Borislaw combines the world of chemistry and the world of show business. Your own world will never be boring again!"

Borislaw Bilash is the author of five handbooks of science demonstrations written for science educators, over 1,200 demonstrations in all. One in four high schools in the United States use his books to teach science.

For tickets and more information, click here.

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