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Resonance Ensemble Announces Casting for Repertory Productions

Resonance Ensemble has announced casting for its repertory productions of Shakespeare’s Slave and H4, to play Theatre Row’s Clurman Theatre, May 22-June 18, with an opening on May 29. Togeth

Written by Steven Fechter, and directed by Eric Parness, the world premiere of Shakespeare’s Slave works from the premise that Shakespeare suffered a creative crisis, and that one of London’s first African slaves was a major part of the solution to his dilemma.

The cast will include Chris Ceraso, Zack Calhoon, Lucille Duncan, Nancy Nagrant, Romy Nordlinger, Steven Pounders, David L. Townsend, Stewart Walker, and Shaun Bennet Wilson. The creative team will feature Sarah B. Brown (scenic design), Mark Richard Caswell (costume design), Joe Doran (lighting design), Nick Moore (sound design/original music), Kyle Bridwell (props design), and Dan Renkin (fight choreography).

Adapted by Michael Chmiel, Allegra Libonati, Michael Nathanson and Brian Silliman, H4 combines William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Parts 1 & 2. Directed By Allegra Libonati, it tells the tale of Prince Hal, the future King Henry V, who must learn to adapt to the ways of being a king, or be engulfed by the onslaught of the fierce conspiracy against his father’s reign.

The cast will feature Dorothy Abrahams, Alice Bahlke, Joie Bauer, Michael Chmiel, Brian D. Coats, Joe Jung, Michael Nathanson, Jensen Olaya, Steven Pounders, Timothy McCown Reynolds, and Brian Silliman. The creative team will include Sarah B. Brown (scenic design), Brenda Abbandandolo (costume design), Joe Doran (lighting design), David Hancock Turner (sound design/original music), Johnathan Carr (media design), Kyle Bridwell (props design), and Dan Renkin (fight choreography).

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