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Live Premiere Of New Radio Show/Podcast The City Life Supplement

Bootstraps Comedy Theater will host a live premiere of the radio show/podcast The City Life Supplement at Transistor Chicago on Saturday, January 28 at 8:30pm.

The City Life Supplement is a new monthly radio show and podcast that is a metropolitan answer to the radio hit A Prairie Home Companion. This naughty, illegitimate little brother of the nostalgic classic is a collection of songs, sketches, stories, musical guests and general hilarity, all loosely based in the fictional neighborhood of Raven’s Park, Chicago.

The rotating cast includes Jack Birdwell, Michael Brunlieb, Billie Bryant, Dan Forsythe, Heather Forsythe, Kim Lyle, Allison Tolman, and Jennifer Youle.

The City Life Supplement‘s creative team features head writer and host Matt Lyle, band leader/musical director Phil Garnor, pianist Eric Loughlin and announcer/Foley artist Chad Spear.

Click here for more information and The City Life Supplement tickets.

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The City Life Supplement

Closed: January 28, 2012