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Human Fruit Bowl, The Unfortunates, and Others Among the FringeNYC Encore Series Offerings

The series will give audiences another chance to see some of the most acclaimed shows from this year’s festival.

A scene from <i>Human Fruit Bowl</i>
A scene from Human Fruit Bowl
(© courtesy of the production)

The FringeNYC Encore Series, an event composed of two mini-festivals that restage the best of FringeNYC, will take place September 6 -October 20 at Baruch Performing Arts Center and The Players Theater. Seven shows will run at Baruch’s “Solo in the City” performance series, while Darren Lee Cole Theatricals will host an array of drama, comedies, and musicals at The Players Theater.

“Solo in the City” productions will include Melting in Madras, They Call Me Q!, En Avant! An Evening With Tennessee Williams, What’s an Anjan?, Human Fruit Bowl, The Unfortunates, and Recipe for Success.

FringeNYC Encores Series productions to be presented at The Players Theater will include Peninsula, The Great iii Am, The Rufus Equation, Cowboys Don’t Sing, Waiting for Waiting for Godot, Ndebele Funeral, Slut, Perfectly Normel People, Why You Beasting?, and Slaughterhouse-Five.

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