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Flashback Friday: Remembering John McMartin's "Road You Didn't Take" From Follies

Celebrate the life of this veteran actor with his signature tune.

When John McMartin died earlier this week at the age of 86, he left behind a distinguished theatrical legacy: 24 Broadway shows, five Tony nominations, and a stamp on roles like Oscar in Sweet Charity and Benjamin Stone in Follies that will never be erased. Follies is the show for which he'll be known, and as the last surviving member of the original leading quartet (which included Dorothy Collins, Alexis Smith, and Gene Nelson), McMartin was the one that carried the classic Sondheim musical's torch through the ages. Even at 81, he still knew how to sell the Sondheim classic "The Road You Didn't Take," which he did with immense power at Sondheim: The Birthday Concert in 2010.