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Flashback Friday: Norm Lewis and Sierra Boggess Are Taking Phantom's Daddy Issues to a Whole New Level

The former ”Little Mermaid” costars redefine their relationship in ”The Phantom of the Opera”.

Just this past Monday evening, Norm Lewis made history when he became the first African-American actor to take on the role of the menacing white-masked Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. The latest casting choice at the Majestic Theatre, however, also made a splash in the Broadway community as it turned Lewis' onetime fair-finned daughter of The Little Mermaid Sierra Boggess into an object of his obsession. Lewis and Boggess, who now costar as the Phantom and Christine in the long-running musical, shared the stage in 2008 as King Triton and Arielle in the Disney stage production. In honor of the pair's theatrical reunion, TheaterMania is flashing back to their time under the sea.

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