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Flashback Friday: Mean Girls' New Gretchen and Waitress's Original Dawn Sing Side Show

Here’s some archival proof that Krystina Alabado is a “fetch” choice for the cast of ”Mean Girls”.

Earlier this week, Broadway got the news that Ashley Park will be ending her Tony-nominated run as Mean Girls' Gretchen Wieners on March 10. The role, however, will be transferred to the very capable hands of Krystina Alabado, a stage veteran who's been seen on Broadway in American Idiot and American Psycho, and off-Broadway in Lazarus, The Mad Ones, and most recently, the new Stephen Trask musical This Ain't No Disco.

Digging through the Krystina Alabado archives, we stumbled upon this video from her time performing with the Spring Awakening national tour in 2008 — and who did we find standing next to her but Waitress's original Dawn, Kimiko Glenn! For a benefit cabaret, the pair dueted on "Who Will Love Me as I Am?" from Side Show, and our main takeaways are: (1) they're adorable, and (2) good job, Krystina on still being able to play a teenager 11 years later.