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Flashback Friday: Jenn Colella Leads a Lovefest at BroadwayCon 2019

Colella joined us for a day of Broadway fandom while she was starring in ”Come From Away”.

The Broadway community is starting to come down from all the excitement of last weekend's BroadwayCon. But we wanted to take a moment this Friday to look back on the fun we've had in years past at Broadway's latest and greatest tradition.

Just one year ago, Come From Away Tony nominee Jenn Colella joined us for a full day of Broadway stalking and cosplaying, with fans showing off their handcrafted outfits…and of course, fawning over the fabulous Jenn Colella. If you missed out on these delightful BroadwayCon escapades last year, enjoy this opportunity to journey back to the best part of 2019.