Final Bow

Final Bow: Orfeh and Eric Anderson Bid a Big, Huge Goodbye to Pretty Woman

The gates of Rodeo Drive close up at the Nederlander Theatre on August 18.

Pretty Woman: The Musical has seen many cast changes during its time onstage, but through it all, there have been two constants: Orfeh, who plays Kit, and Eric Anderson, who takes on the role of Mr. Thompson. As the Bryan Adams musical gets ready to close up shop at the Nederlander Theatre on August 18, the pair looked back on their time with the show, explaining why we should never give up on a dream.

Eric Anderson and Orfeh in Pretty Woman at the Nederlander Theatre.
Eric Anderson and Orfeh in Pretty Woman at the Nederlander Theatre.
(© Matthew Murphy)

1. Orfeh, what is your favorite line that you get to say or sing?
"Kick me out in the cold / I'll make it / Stick me into a mold / I'll break it" from "Never Give Up on a Dream."

2. Eric, what is your cast's best inside joke?
I don't know about inside jokes, but backstage, there are ritual fist bumps, hugs, salutes, and high fives among the cast and crew during every performance.

3. Eric, what was the worst technical difficulty you experienced during the run, and how was it handled?
The Great Broadway Blackout of 2019. We were sent home before the show even started.

4. Orfeh, what is the most interesting present you received at the stage door?
Oh, that's a long list. I'll refrain from telling you the most "interesting" in the "yikes" department, but recently, I've been getting POP dolls and a Broadway Dolls and Guys knit doll in the image of me as Kit, and I love them!

5. Eric, who is the coolest person to come see the show?
My kid, Elliot. Hector Elizondo's pretty cool though, too.

Orfeh as Kit in Pretty Woman.
Orfeh as Kit in Pretty Woman.
(© Matthew Murphy)

6. Orfeh, you and Andy have done several shows together now. How do the two of you create a work-life balance when you see each other onstage every night?
Well, for us, it's like a paid vacation. There was a long span of time between Legally Blonde and Pretty Woman that we did not often work together, but for concert dates now and then. So getting to do Pretty Woman was a gift…a gift from Jerry Mitchell. For the record, we had literally zero scenes in Pretty Woman opposite our characters.

7. Eric, how hard is it to balance starring in a Broadway show eight times a week with being a dad to an almost-5-year-old?
It's all about balance. I'm lucky to have a great partner in my wife, Jessica. She does so much for our family and she's also an actor, on top of that. Is it hard sometimes? Absolutely. But we're also aware of how lucky we are for what we've got.

8. Orfeh, what is the key to playing iconic film characters onstage?
You have to maintain the integrity of the original actor who played the role on film, and what was so beloved about them and the role in the first place, and then you have to add a very large dose of what you do. People expect the familiarity of the film actor but also want and expect a reason to come and see the stage actor do their thing. If the combo is done just right, it's a big, huge crowd-pleaser.

9. Eric, what classic Bryan Adams song do you wish was in the Pretty Woman score?
"Run to You." That song rocks.

10. Orfeh, in which Rodeo Drive store would you go on a shopping spree, and what would be your big purchase?
The first store that comes to mind is Louis Vuitton. It's an old and persistent obsession, and really, I can basically close my eyes, point, and walk out with something that makes me absolutely giddy!

Eric Anderson in Pretty Woman.
Eric Anderson in Pretty Woman.
(© Matthew Murphy)