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Diva: Live From Hell Heads to Theater for the New City

Sean Patrick Monahan and Alexander Sage Oyen present a new devilish musical.

Diva: Live From Hell runs at Theater for the New City from March 23-April 9.
Diva: Live From Hell runs at Theater for the New City from March 23-April 9.
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Unstoppable Theater will present the new musical Diva: Live From Hell, running at Theater for the New City from March 23-April 9 with an official March 27 opening.

Diva: Live From Hell tells the story of Desmond Channing, a teenager who's spent much of his short life basking in the spotlight. As Drama Club President and star of all the productions at his Florida public high school, Desmond never imagined he could fall so far so fast. But when Evan Harris, a hotshot transfer student from New York, rips the rug out from under him, Desmond responds, as any diva would, with lethal force. Now, Desmond is forced to relive his humiliation and insanity over and over again at a cabaret in Hell. As he begins his one-millionth consecutive show, Desmond performs with renewed desperation, in the hopes that he can prove he's learned his lesson and be freed from his eternal, campy torment.

The musical was originally developed by Less Than Rent Theatre as a short solo comedy under the title Diva and premiered at Theatre Row as part of the 2013 United Solo Theatre Festival. It features a book by Sean Patrick Monahan and a score by Alexander Sage Oyen. Monahan performs the show with direction by Daniel Goldstein, choreography by Jennifer Jancuska, set design by Daniel Geggatt and Caitlyn Murphy, costume design by Tilly Grimes, and lighting design by Daisy Long. Diva: Live From Hell is produced by Jenna Grossano.

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