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Controversial Monologist Mike Daisey Makes Public Theater Return

Oskar Eustis and Mike Daisey
Oskar Eustis and Mike Daisey
(© David Gordon)

During an encore run of Mike Daisey‘s The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs at the Public Theater earlier this year, the acclaimed solo performer became embroiled in a scandal stemming from the revelation that he fabricated parts of the monologue.

As reported at the time, the Public supported Daisey, but also released a statement saying that “As artists, we know that truths do not always hinge on facts. However, when we present pieces whose power depends on their claim to authenticity, we must hold ourselves to a different and higher standard of accuracy.”

Now, Daisey is set to return to the Public with American Utopias, the first in a planned monthly series of world premiere performances that will each play one night only at Joe’s Pub, beginning October 22. American Utopias will cover the beginnings of the Occupy movement and more as it focuses on “how we create public spaces in which we come together to act out our dreams of a better world.” Each new show will be directed by Daisey’s long-time collaborator Jean-Michele Gregory.

In a statement, Public Theater artistic director Oskar Eustis reaffirms its commitment to the embattled writer/performer. “Mike Daisey is an important voice in the American theater and a vital member of The Public Theater’s family,” he says. “I am very happy to be welcoming him back to the Public with this exciting and surprising set of performances.”

For more information and tickets to American Utopias, click here.

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