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Ars Nova Presents Pepper ‘N Sam: Whatever Possessed Them?

Publicity image
for Pepper 'N Sam
Publicity image
for Pepper ‘N Sam

Ars Nova has announced a four show run of a rock/cabaret piece entitled Pepper ‘N Sam: Whatever Possessed Them?, written and performed by Justin Levine and Salty Brine. The performances are March 15, 16, 22 and 23 at 8pm.

In the piece, Pepper Mills (Salty Brine) and Play-it-Again Sam (Justin Levine) are a virtuosic rock n’ roll-vaudeville act that was semi-famous before their tragic demise in a blazing theater fire. Stuck playing the purgatory circuit for over 80 years with their paranormal backing band, The Dead Poets Society, these lost souls have toured Heaven and tempted Hell, and now they’re back from the grave with new music, new bodies, and a new outlook on life and death.

Pepper ‘N Sam: Whatever Possessed Them? has been developed as part of Ars Nova’s Project Residency initiative to help artists get unique projects off the ground.

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