Quarantine Q&A: Jason Robert Brown and Georgia Stitt Are Bingeing on BarkThins

They’ve also ordered 6 gallons of water — just in case.

Broadway vets are just like us. They're even quarantined in their homes the same way we are. So we decided to poll some of our favorite artists to see how they're spending their time. Here, married composers Jason Robert Brown (The Bridges of Madison County) and Georgia Stitt (whose new album, A Quiet Revolution, is out now) tell us how they're spending their time alongside six gallons of water an dark chocolate pretzel barkThins.

Jason Robert Brown and Georgia Stitt
Jason Robert Brown and Georgia Stitt
(© Maia Rosenfeld Photography)

Favorite quarantine snack:

Georgia Stitt: I have made six loaves of banana bread since Broadway closed. Our neighborhood grocery store is out of vanilla and I think it's my fault.

Jason Robert Brown: Dark chocolate pretzel barkThins. But these are also my favorite non-quarantine snack.

Favorite media binge:

Georgia: The New York Philharmonic's Thursday night broadcasts. Unorthodox on Netflix. And all of the Virtual Technical Workshops on Tuesdays and Thursdays at

Jason: I don't think I have one.

Georgia: But what are you consuming during the day?

Jason: barkThins.

Weirdest bulk purchase:

Georgia: I ordered a year's supply of contact lenses and six gallons of potable water.

Jason: Why did you order six gallons of water?

Georgia: I don't know. But we have them now.

Jason: Great. Six gallons of water and no toilet paper. Perfect.

Most essential wardrobe item:

Jason: Now that I know we have all this water I guess it's a bathing suit?

Georgia: I haven't taken my house slippers off in a month. And I'm still wearing my FitBit but now it laughs at me.

Complete the sentence based on how you're currently feeling: "Alexa, play ___"

Georgia: Don Byron's CD: "Bug Music!"

Jason: And then Georgia's new album, "A Quiet Revolution," of course!