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The Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Connecticut has announced that the O'Neill Playwrights Conference will be accepting open submissions of full scripts from January 12 to February 6. According to the Center, the support of a number of playwrights who have offered to read scripts and recruit readers has allowed the Conference to again accept open submissions on a limited basis. In September, the Conference had switched to a nomination-drive script selection process "due to a dramatic increase in submissions for the conference's residency program for writers." (Click here to access a TheaterMania article related to this issue.)

In addition to this year's open submissions process, the nomination process that was instituted in September will also be in effect, allowing plays to be submitted and selected for the 2004 Conference through either method. The open process will not affect eligibility or status of plays submitted through nomination. Plays that have been optioned, that have already received productions or professional workshops, or are translations are not eligible for open submissions.

For more detailed submission guidelines, visit or call 860-443-5378, ext. 229.

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