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PR Artwork for ObJects
Playwright/director/designer Ian W. Hill will be presenting three new plays at the Brick Theater as part of The Collisionworks 2011: At The Ends festival, August 11-28.

Antrobus is set at the end of the world, or soon after, or soon before. As the ice rises and the food grows scarce, the six members of a "family" that has banded together for survival begin to turn on each other as the years of hardship, cabin fever, and resentment catch up with them. The cast will include David Arthur Bachrach, Michael Marion, Patrice Miller, Victoria Miller, William Webber, and Bill Weeden.

Gone, performed on a double bill with Antrobus, involves , two dear old friends who sit at a cafe table and reminisce. One of them will not be leaving. The cast will feature Ivanna Cullinan and Alyssa Simon.

Hill's ObJects is set in the United States in the near future. The country is ruled by geographic/corporate fiefdoms that can't hold the place together anymore. One visionary, an eccentric capitalist diva, Mrs. Franklin - founder and CEO of The Kronos Corporation - secretly plans with brilliant young biohacker Miss Lee Lightfoot to create a "positive plague" - a modified contagious disease that will infect the brains of US citizens and make them process the modern world better and faster. The cast will include George Bronos, Josephine Cashman, Samantha Erenberger, Saara Falk, Arthur Griffith, Cara Moretto, Nicholas Miles Newton, Justin Plowman, Leila Okafor, Jack Schaub, Rokia L. Shearin, Joy Song, and Anna Stefanic.

Hill has created 68 stage productions since 1997 with his company Gemini CollisionWorks (and his collaborative partner Berit Johnson), both original plays and works by, among others, Vaclav Havel, Richard Foreman, T.S. Eliot, Clive Barker, Mac Wellman, Ronald Tavel, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, John Whiting, Jeff Goode, Mark Spitz, and Edward D. Wood, Jr. As a designer (light, sound, projections, sets) and technical/artistic consultant he has worked with many other stage artists and theatres for the past 20 years, most notably at Todo con Nada from 1996-2000, and he is currently the technical director of The Brick.

For tickets and more information, click here.

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