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Ian McKellen and Others Bring Theater Magic (and Talent) to Patrick Stewart's Lake Tahoe Wedding

If you think your wedding was perfect, you're ''so'' wrong. logo
Sir Ian McKellen officiating the wedding of Sir Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell.
(© John von Pamer)

We can officially add weddings to the running list of "Things The Sirs Do Better Than You."

When it was announced that Patrick Stewart had chosen his best bro and fellow social-media butterfly, Ian McKellen, to officiate his wedding to jazz singer Sunny Ozell, we could have guessed it would be an event for the ages. However, we now have photo and video confirmation that no one throws a wedding quite like a Sir.

Only Sir PatStew could tempt the fate of the weather gods and get a perfect sunset ceremony overlooking Lake Tahoe — not to mention he and his betrothed's curly-haired ring bearer pulled straight from a Baby Gap commercial, who, by the way, is better coiffed than most of the guests.

And who could ever compete with a wedding toast written and performed by a member of the famous Second City comedy troupe (Kate James — also the sister of two-time Tony nominee Brian d'Arcy James)? That's just cheating.

All we can do is take solace in the fact that these are just the unfair advantages that come along with the Midas touch of knighthood — so try not to feel too bad when your wedding doesn't measure up.

For a play-by-play of the matrimonial magic, click here to read wedding guest Kerrilynn Pamer's complete run-down of the day's events, plus a video of the wedding toast and more photos from the stunning celebration.