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HBO Max Begins Streaming Extended Cut of Kenneth Lonergan's Margaret

Lonergan's acclaimed film comes to the streaming service in its full glory.

Anna Pacquin in Margaret
(© Fox Searchlight)

HBO Max has begun streaming the extended edition of Kenneth Lonergan's acclaimed 2011 film Margaret. The three-hour, six-minute cut can be found as a bonus feature accompanying the two-and-a-half-hour theatrical release.

Lonergan's follow-up to his Oscar-nominated You Can Count On Me, Margaret was shot in 2005 and released in cinemas six years later, following a lengthy and contentious post-production process that resulted in two different cuts of the film, one released in cinemas and the other on home video in 2012. The film tells the story of a Manhattan teenager whose life is altered after witnessing a terrible accident.

Written and directed by Lonergan, the film stars Anna Pacquin, J. Smith Cameron, Mark Ruffalo, Jeannie Berlin, Jean Reno, John Gallagher Jr., Allison Janney, Kieran Culkin, Matt Damon, Matt Bush, Rosemarie DeWitt, Matthew Broderick, Olivia Thirlby, Josh Hamilton, Michael Ealy, Krysten Ritter, Sarah Steele, and Betsy Aidem.

Lonergan is also the author of the plays This Is Our Youth, Lobby Hero, and The Waverly Gallery, and is the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Manchester by the Sea.


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