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Flashback Friday: Matilda: Then and Now

TheaterMania contributor Mara Wilson and her Matilda co-stars celebrate the film's 17-year reunion!

Last week, child star Mara Wilson reunited with her co-stars from the 1996 blockbuster film Matilda. Earlier this year, Wilson wrote a piece for TheaterMania, "Being Matilda," in honor of Matilda the Musical's Broadway debut. "I had a great time filming Matilda," she said. "Danny DeVito understood, the same as Roald Dahl, that children like to be empowered." It looks like she is enjoying her cast just as much 17 years later.

To read "Being Matilda," click here.

Mara Wilson, Brian Levinson, Danny DeVito, and Rhea Perlman during the filming of Matilda.
(© 1996 TriStar Pictures)
Left to right, back row: One of the Million Dollar Sticky women; Brian Levinson, who played Michael; Pam Ferris, who played the Trunchbull; Jimmy Karz, who played Bruce Bogtrotter; Leor Livneh Hackel, who played Julius Rottwinkle. Left to right, front row: Jacqueline Steiger, who played Amanda Thripp; Rhea Perlman, who played Mrs. Wormwood; Mara Wilson; Kiami Davael, who played Lavender; Sara Magdalin, who played four-year-old Matilda; Danny Divito, who played Mr. Wormwood; Embeth Davidtz, who played Miss Honey.
(courtesy of Mara Wilson's Facebook page)

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