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Clay McLeod Chapman, Abe Goldfarb to Perform in The Pumpkin Pie Show: Halloween All-Stars logo

Clay McLeod Chapman
Horse Trade Theater Group is set to present writer Clay McLeod Chapman's The Pumpkin Pie Show: Halloween All-Stars, October 25-17 at UNDER St. Marks.

The Pumpkin Pie Show will feature performances by Chapman as well as Hanna Cheek, Abe Goldfarb, Brian Silliman, Kevin Townley, and others.

This year's stories will include Chapman's Johnny Pumpkinseed, an ode to pumpkin humping; Silliman's Playing Doctor, in which a routine checkup gets out of hand; Townley's Cul-de-sac Descending, based on the true story of a 29-year-old pedophile who posed as a 12-year-old boy; Goldfarb's The Wet Echo, in which a turn of the century explorer stumbles on the discovery of a lifetime; and Cheek's Bridesmaid, the tale of a woman reveals a little more than bargained for during the toast at her sister's wedding.

For more information and tickets to The Pumpkin Pie Show: Halloween All-Stars, click here.


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