Broadway's Top Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume: Hipster Elphaba

TheaterMania’s favorite DIY Broadway Halloween costume, in continuing the celebration of ”Wicked”’s 10th anniversary.

Broadway is the best place outside of Comic-Con to grab inspiration for a Halloween get-up, but we're aware that not everyone has access to Evita's dress or Tony-winning costumer Susan Hilferty's budget. So last year we tapped our own in-house makeup and costume guru Josh Hibbard to put together our Top DIY costumes inspired by shows currently running on Broadway. In honor of the 10-year anniversary of Wicked, we are excited to share again this exciting do-it-yourself guide to going green on Halloween.

Elphaba, the green protagonist in the hit musical Wicked, currently running at the Gershwin Theatre, has been a costume favorite for Broadway lovers for a decade. But you don't want to show up looking like every other witch at the party, do you? DO YOU?!? No. You want to get to the essence of Elphaba by transplanting her character into contemporary America: You want to be Hipster Elphaba.

Think about it. Is there any more hipsterific Broadway diva than Elphaba? She's an animal-rights advocate, possibly vegan. She rails against the establishment. She's always lording an obscure publication over you — we get it, you can read spells, good for you — and likes weird hats. She even lives in a crummy studio apartment. Total hipster.

As Hipster Elphaba, you'll probably ride the L train to a party. You'll likely need to be a supporter of the good-old #Occupy movement while owning multiple 1%-friendly Apple products. An avid reader, as evidenced by your thick-rimmed glasses, you'll want to carry a book to read during those moments when tiresome people are speaking to you. (We recommend The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, or Roald Dahl's The Witches. Anything by Bret Easton Ellis is also acceptable.) Top it off with a big, belty musical number, and you're set.

Painting your whole body green is actually a lot simpler than it sounds. "Kryolan is super easy to work with and the color is solid," said Josh, glowing as he talked about the non-toxic green makeup he used to create an Elphaba look for Lana, TheaterMania's graphic designer-turned-model. Just add a little water to your wedge, and the green goes on smooth and easy.

Items Needed

—green makeup

—black face paint

—black wig (or your own hair)

—horn-rimmed glasses

—the hipsterest outfit from your own closet

—handmade "Occupy Oz" sign and other accessories.

Step by Step

1. Choose your outfit: Go for plaid, skinny jeans, vintage dresses, or anything by American Apparel.

2. Cover your face with green makeup, using a larger wedge at first and switching to a smaller brush around the eyes.

3. Cover your hands, arms, and other visible skin with green makeup.

4. Highlight your eyebrows with black face paint.

5. Add a black wig, or style your own hair if it's already long and black.

6. Don thick glasses to remind people that you're smarter than they are.

7. Add any other accessories that complete your customizable Elphaba: TheaterMania suggests Occupy signage, iPhone with Hipstamatic app, and the obligatory book, but the possibilities are endless.